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Rigid-flex PCB Board, Made of FR-4 + PI Material, 2 to 8 Layers Available

Double Sided Rigid-flex PCB Board for Cell Phone

ur Advantage  We have over 16 years experience in PCB filed Our PCB board get ISO,UL,RoHs certification Fast delivery and classic service Lead time 3-7days Each process through Strict QC to ensure good quality

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multilayer impedance controlled rigid flex

8-layered Rigid-flex Board

Product Description:(1) Layer count: 8 ; (2) Finishing thickness: 0.825 ± 0.1mm ; (3) Minimum width/spacing: 0.12/0.12mm ; (4) Minimum via diameter: 0.25mm ; (5) Surface finishing: ENIG ; (6) Features: L1-3, L6-8 are rigid layers, L4-5 are flexible l...

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Mother Board

our compay is a professional manufacturer of PCB based in Shenzhen, China. With ten years of development, from a small scale printed circuit board company, TCX grows into a first-class manufacturer that could provide HDI and SMT (surface mountin...

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